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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Apple appears in the Papers of Paradise, pointing out that it has avoided taxes in tax havens

These weeks if you put the television you will see how La Sexta and El Confidencial are conducting a joint investigation on certain reports baptized as the "Papers of Paradise", in which numerous personalities appear who would have avoided taxes in tax havens . In addition, several important companies such as Apple or Nike have also emerged from specific individuals This is an investigation carried out by the International Consortium of Journalists. 

Apple does not learn, would have continued to evade taxes

Apple has already had many problems in tax matters, trying to pay the lowest possible taxes in the European Union, having its headquarters in Ireland where it enjoyed a very favorable fiscal policy with respect to the rest of the countries of the eurozone . This did not go very well, and the European Commission said that this could not continue, declaring this policy as a fiscal irregularity and having to pay Cupertino a large amount of money to the Treasury.
It seems that the Cupertino would not have learned to pay taxes as the legislative framework marks allegedly resorting to tax countries where to make a tax evasion as we have seen in these Paradise Papers. With this opaque accounting, they do not declare everything they really earn and as a result, they can have much more income.
A US Senator has claimed that Apple has a large fiscal structure with which they have been able to defraud up to 100 billion dollars in tax havens . After the tightening of fiscal policies in Ireland, where they had their subsidiaries, they decided to move two of the three subsidiaries to Jersey, a territory where Irish companies did not have to take advantage of this taxation.
Although they left a subsidiary in Ireland paying 2.5% of taxes. Obviously, these journalists have asked Apple who has responded that they are not evading taxes, saying they are now paying more taxes than before. Is this true? The Paradise Papers claim the opposite. 

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