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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Apple clarifies: No Animojis without iPhone X

After the YouTuber Marques Brownlee will affirm in a video in which he made the revision of an iPhone X, that the famous feature of the Animojis could work even when his exclusive infrared camera was not activated, many reactions were generated that assured that this function was being excluded from the older iPhone models.
On this occasion, Apple took action and responded to this controversial suggestion that Brownlee initiated and that other media then continued.

Similar but not the same

To make understand how this system works, Apple shared on its website that the Animojis requires the TrueDepth camera composed of infrared and frontal cameras, flood illuminator, proximity sensors and ambient light, microphone and speaker, and spot projector.
Working with the Bionic A11 chip, the TrueDepth camera system captures and analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to create Animoji characters that reflect your expressions and facial movements.
Also, the Cupertino company responded to the million question. If the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have the latest Apple chip, why would Animojis not work? In this regard, Apple explained that it uses information from the True Depth camera to help track Animoji's facial movements, specifically the system's infrared laser and dot-projector components, and if he transferred the function to older phones, there would be a Great drop in the quality of face tracking.
Shortly after, the same Brownlee shared a tweet clarifying that indeed, his comparison was somewhat short:
Even as you can read in businessinsider , it is possible to recreate similar experiences to Animoji with App Store applications like SUPERMOJI on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 11, but with its very notable differences.

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