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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Apple files a counterclaim against Qualcomm claiming that the Snapdragon infringe their patents

If we think about Apple and Qualcomm, we can not ignore the legal fight that is in hand and that still lasts and that will continue this way for many years. They began to relate for a business matter since Qualcomm manufactures the processors that carry the iPhone, but this is over because the tug of war they are having in court has forced Apple to turn to Intel for its next processors. And Apple does not want to let this happen, since today it has filed a counterclaim against Qualcomm claiming that its Snapdragon chips incorporate some patents owned by the people of Cupertino.

Apple returns to attack Qualcomm in the courts

This counterclaim is Apple's response to Qualcomm's attempt to prevent the sale of any iPhone and iPad on US soil , saying that the iPhone incorporated a series of Qualcomm patents that had been introduced without their permission. Apple obviously denied that fallacy and now responds with its same letters.
Qualcomm poster
Apple has filed a counterclaim this Thursday alleging that the technology incorporated into Snapdragon chips is patented by them, and they have not given it permission to use it. The technology referred to by Apple is what makes these chips consume less battery, turning off parts of the processor when it is not necessary in order to better optimize the battery, since only the power of the processor will be used when necessary.

This technology of Apple's own incorporate the chips that we have now in the iPhone for example but it seems that the Cupertino have realized that it is in the Snapdragon chips and hence this demand. These chips, which specifies that they are the Snapdragon 800 and 820 that are incorporated in Samsung and Google terminals . We will see what is left of this lawsuit and if Apple is right this time.

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