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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Apple has just surpassed 900 billion and is approaching its billion dollar goal

We said in his day that Apple was approaching a trillion dollars, a goal never reached within his native country, the United States, by any company. Months ago they exceeded 800,000 million , but against all odds, when the iPhone X was announced in September its shares fell considerably, which is curious since the product itself had not even been released. Today stocks have risen again placing Apple above 900,000 million and increasingly closer to the long-awaited goal of the trillion dollars.

Apple is approaching the billion more and more

Stock Exchange
Let's see, being honest, great role in the film that we talk about today is the iPhone X because its sales and demand have generally exceeded the estimate by even the same block since shipments have been made to all parties of the world and now this figure is expected to rise even more because in a few weeks will be added another 13 countries to the list of potential buyers for this terminal.
Apple shares are skyrocketing, right now they are at exactly $ 175.97 , but they are expected to hit $ 200 within not too long. As we have been saying for the past month, the Cupertino company has all the numbers of the lottery to become the first American firm to be crowned with the trillion dollar title , although there it sounds better since they say trillion.
iPhone X available in Europe, Africa and Asia
The second that follows is Google, which recently surpassed the figure of 700,000 million, a number that in Cupertino will not even remember when they surpassed it. Apple is going back to innovate and the iPhone X is just a test of the many that confirm this theory. Soon, without knowing exactly when, we will see Apple in the trillion dollars of market capitalization.

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