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Friday, November 10, 2017

Apple introduces offers from the section "This Weekend Only" on the App Store

Since last September 19, and as part of the redesign brought from iOS 11, we stopped seeing signs of the free App of the week in the Apple application store. Thus, those offers every Thursday, which fell like a ring to the finger left a great void that nothing seemed to fill.
However, as we have seen from Apple, this week iPhone and iPad users can enjoy "This Weekend Only",a section in which they will share the new weekly offers with all users of the App Store.

The offers returned to the App Store

To make this service more useful to users of the App Store, Apple has shared in a communicated specifications that ensure that these will be deployed taking into account the preferences of users.In this way, you will present an application with special treatment every Thursday, with discounts available until Sunday. To celebrate the launch of the show, Apple offers exclusive discounts for five applications, during this first week.
Among the areas chosen for this first promotion Apple focused on items such as clothing, travel, food and other categories of HotelTonight, Warby Parker, Under Armor, Chipotle and Shoptiques applications.
The new Apple App Store section "This Weekend Only" is just one of the ways in which the company is using the new design of its app store to highlight apps. Each day, there is a wide variety of new content available in the Today section of the App Store, which is designed to show different options to each user.
With this announcement, the company of the bitten apple has cleared the doubts that during almost two months had the users with respect to the elimination of the App Free of the week and on if this would be final or not. What do you think of the change?

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