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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Apple is developing a new 3D sensor for the iPhone camera of 2019

When we think of a piece or technical part that Apple should change or at least improve on their iPhone terminals, especially after the new update of iOS 11, it may be perfectly the battery of these, but if there is something that the Cupertino company has done well throughout its history in terms of all its products is the camera because they have always gone several steps ahead of the rest or at least of most manufacturers within the sector that they currently lead. The fact is that Apple has already put to work and is beginning to develop the 3D system that will incorporate the cameras in the iPhone of 2019.

The Face ID is updated

iPhone X Face ID and Animojis
When we said that Apple is or was years ahead of the rest we literally said it because it has not even finished 2017 and we have already seen the models, according to rumors, that the Californian firm will announce us next year , but now they bring us the scoop that they have already started working seriously on a 3D system that will bring the cameras of the iPhone in 2 years.
We can think that we are talking about the rear camera, but no, we are talking about the sensor that recognizes our facial features to unlock the current iPhone X, yes, the same 3D sensor that has delayed so much the most anticipated terminal production of the year because it is a fundamental part within the new security system that is the Face ID.
Face ID
Since the Face ID is the first security system with its characteristics within the smartphone market it is understandable that it has some details to improve and that is what Apple engineers are working on, improving what has already been improved.

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