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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Apple is the fourth brand that more laptops sells thanks to the new MacBook Pro

If something could reproach something in their products, apart from the price, although justified by several factors , is the poor hardware compared to the competition, but we know that this is compensated with optimized software to the maximum to get the best possible performance of that quote between poor technical paragraph. This stopped being an excuse for people who have not bought a MacBook when this year in July they presented the models of both iMac and MacBook Pro in the keynote this year.

The MacBook Pro is a success

MacBook Pro Touch bar icons
The results of the sales are being reflected in the fiscal results of Apple and are now the fourth brand that has sold the most in the last quarter of the year thanks to the new MacBook Pro.
The excuse we had before to say that the MacBook were in short supply was that Apple manufactures its computers focused on a work environment, ie, no components made for the world of video games and so on, although the new iMac are beginning to say otherwise with its 16 GB graphics cards. The reasons to buy a MacBook, especially in its upper slope Pro, are many, from the 1.37 kg of weight that has up to 3.2 GB of reading per second that has its SSD.
MacBook Pro backlight
In the United States reports or fiscal results come out once every four months or quarter and the latter has made it clear that Apple is the fourth brand that more laptops sells in the world, especially thanks to the latest MacBook Pro, all this taking into account that Most recent MacBook Pro are around 2,000 and 3,000 euros depending on the model so you can not compare the benefits of the Cupertino company with those of a manufacturer that sells these computers at a more affordable price.

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