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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Apple patents a new device that would have the speakers under the screen

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted several patents in favor of Apple today, although the most striking has been one in particular. In this patent we see a future iPhone or iPad that would have a flexible OLED screen and that would present a very interesting feature: the loudspeaker grille would be integrated into the screen itself , barely able to perceive it. In addition, we would see a transparent screen at the top of the terminal that would be centered on augmented reality.

Apple is still very focused

With this patent, those of Cupertino would be taking advantage of a characteristic of the OLED screens that would allow them to integrate the slits of the speakers in the own crystal , as you can see in the image of next that we have found in Patently Apple. If you look at the speaker it would be placed in one of the corners of the device being able to bend. 
Patent Apple integrated speakers
Another important aspect of this patent and that you can see in the image at the top is the existence of a screen on the back of the terminal that would be transparent . This would be very useful for the augmented reality that Apple wants to exploit with its latest devices aided by the operating system. With this, we can see objects on the back of the iPhone or iPad. Apple describes it in the patent itself as follows:
"It is a perspective view of an illustrative electronic device having a transparent window region of the type that can be formed from an aperture or apertures in a screen."
With this, you can combine augmented reality with virtual reality, can view objects through this screen and show us information as if they were a virtual reality glasses. All this is still too green but it gives us a vision of where Apple is working, although now, all we can do is take guesses from these images.

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