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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Apple threatened Telegram with removing it from the App Store for piracy

Apple contacted Telegram to denounce a piracy channel, where it threatened to withdraw its app from the App Store if they did not close the channel.
The owner of the channel received a message from Telegram with the warning from Apple, after they had been contacted by Universal Music .
The Telegram channel stopped uploading new content on that channel, but opened another where I continue to share protected content.

Apple and Google joined the cause

Google Play Store
Not only did Apple threaten Telegram with withdrawing the application from its application store, Google did the same before the call of the distributed Big Machine Records (Universal Records).
Telegram is specific in its FAQ that will not act on its own about what is shared in the channels, but it will address the claims of those affected with copyright.
Telegram is a great instant messaging tool, where they offer the possibility to share all types of files, the only limitation is the weight of each file, specifically 1.5 GB .
The speed of upload and download is limited to 2.5 MB / s , a speed that is not bad for most users, but it can be an impediment for channels that want to share large volumes of files.
At the moment Apple and Google have achieved with these pressures that the demanded channel stops being active, but this is like the cat and the mouse. Now there is another channel that shares the same material, until another claim arrives, users can visit the new channel.
Although Telegram offers many advantages to be an instant messaging application, the truth is that this can become a double-edged sword, where Apple has already discovered the dangers of private and public channels.

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