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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Apple users evaluate the notch of the iPhone X with these results

We have conducted a survey to our readers about what they think of the notch on the iPhone X.
In total we have received more than 2,500 votes with very tight results, practically tied, where users from several countries have participated to give their opinion about it.
It must be said that the results have taken a turn in the last few hours in favor of the notch , where it started with negative votes among the respondents.

The question was simple: "What do you think of the notch?"

Users are happy with the notch of the iPhone X, specifically 39% of respondents, while 38% are indifferent. In a more descolgado position, we entered the negative answer, "No, it is horrible", with 23% of the votes.
The reality is that the notch is a characteristic sign of the iPhone X, as it was at the time the Touch ID. Its presence does not limit the daily use of the applications, although we still find many that are not adapted to this type of screen.
This will be solved progressively by developers who have to update their applications, no doubt, in the coming weeks should be coming updates for the latest flagship Apple.
Although the survey has ended positively with a "Yes, it gives personality," we can not forget that 23% who is not in favor of notch and which they consider it as something " horrible " for the design of the iPhone X.
If you do not have Twitter or you have not arrived on time to participate in our survey, we would like to know your opinion about what you think of the notch . You can do it in the comment box.

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