Friday, November 3, 2017

Apple will maintain the design of the dual camera of the iPhone X in its 2018 models

It seems that when it comes to Apple the rumors never rest. Even before the iPhone X begins to reach the first users, speculations have already begun of what we can expect in iPhones next year.
It seems that there are certain sectors of the market that are speculating that Apple could implement a 7P lens system (seven layers of plastic), or a 2G3P system (two layers of glass, and three layers of plastic), for its camera module back Current iPhone models use 6P lenses(six layers of plastic).
Ming-Chi Kuo , however, does not agree with this statement, and in a new report, which MacRumors has obtained , the well-known analyst says that Apple will maintain the same rear camera design as the iPhone X.
These are the reasons that Kuo uses:
"With the specifications of its rear camera, the iPhone X has achieved a phenomenal balance between image quality and design, in our opinion, given how far we have come today technologically. Switching from a 6P lens to a 7P lens or a 2G3P hybrid lens, with a camera module design largely similar to that of the iPhone X, would only bring limited improvements in aperture performance, we believe. "
In addition to all this, Kuo believes that switching to a new lens design would pose an unnecessary risk that the 2018 iPhones would have supply problems , and it is unlikely that Apple will make decisions that could lead to a repetition of the problems that has had this year with the iPhone X.
The iPhone 7 Plus was Apple's first smartphone to have a dual rear camera, which included a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The iPhone 8 Plus repeats the same design, although it uses a more advanced sensor. For its part, the iPhone X maintains the dual camera, although in its case the lenses are aligned vertically, instead of horizontally as is the case of the other two models. In his case, in addition, both lenses have optical image stabilization, unlike the 
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