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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cheap iPhone X cases

With the iPhone X in the pockets, many of the users who are enjoying it have it well protected with a case, of higher or lower price. We have gone through the offers that are on the network to suggest the most appropriate and without spending a lot of money .

4 covers for less than 10 euros

Transparent cover

  • Minimalist style: the ultra-thin design makes the cover almost invisible and extremely easy to handle and maintain without heaviness .
  • Micro-point design: to avoid water-like marks (for the glass back), it does not damage the iPhone X glass.
  • Camera, Screen and Corner Protection: the raised frame helps protect the screen and camera from tables and other surfaces. Reinforced corners help protect your iPhone X from scratches, drops and other damages.
  • Top rated material: ESR use high quality German Bayer TPU, offering better durability, scratch resistance, optical transmittance, UV resistance and anti-yellow ability compared to the normal TPU.
Transparent Soft TPU Gel Case

Spigen® [Ultra Hybrid]

  • Fully transparent provides a great grip and has a slim profile. The intense transparency shows off the original design of the phone, without the need to hide it.
  • Raised frames raise the screen and the camera of flat surfaces , avoiding chafing.
  • Pronounced buttons are easy to feel and press, while large cutouts fit into most cables.
Spigen case

TOZO cover

  • With only 0.35mm it is very thin but safe at the same time, providing protection. Semi transparent, simple, elegant.
  • Keep your iPhone X protected from scratches .
  • MATTE FACE with matt optical texture, anti-glare (reduced reflection), fingerprint reduction or grease accumulation.
  • The camera hole ring provides adequate protection for the iPhone X camera.
  • It has precise cuts for speakers, charging ports and buttons.
TOZO cover

Cetopi case

  • No weight, fit Perfect, light and thin protective case with matte finish for added protection.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Cuts and precise molds for the buttons that allow full access to all phone functions such as the camera, the power button and the charging port.
  • Constructed with TPU Gel to absorb impacts and protect against falls , bumps and scratches.
  • Matte finish, has a smooth texture to provide more grip and help prevent falls.
Cetopi case

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