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Monday, November 27, 2017

Error There is no SIM card on the iPhone, what can I do?

In some cases, it is possible that when we put a new SIM card in the iPhone, it does not recognize it. If it is a SIM card that we have cut out to convert it to a smaller nano SIM, it is possible that it moves and that it does not make good contact, resulting in this error. But there are also cases in which the nano SIM card is perfectly well placed and in spite of that, the iPhone tells us that there is no SIM card, showing this error message.
It is precisely this type of false errors of no SIM card that we will explain how to solve in this article.


When you get this error, one of the things we can do to fix it if you know you have a valid SIM card inserted, is to restart the iPhone. When the system restarts (turn the iPhone off and on again), check the SIM card again and it works again without problems, at least until the error occurs again. It is cumbersome and leaves us offline for a few minutes, but it is one of the methods to solve the problem.
Image result for iphone no sim

Remove and insert the card again

Extracting and reinserting the card usually also solve this problem, but it is very cumbersome because if you use a case you have to take the iPhone out of its case and waste a lot of time, or even break it, because some are very delicate. Also, you may not have the SIM card tray removal tool at hand. If you have it and you extract the card, you can at least check that it does not move in the hole it has in the tray, one of the possible reasons for the iPhone to display this message.

Airplane mode

The Airplane Mode, as its name indicates, offers us the possibility of turning off the cellular radio that allows connecting to 2G / GPRS / EDGE, 3G or 4G / LTE networks. It is used to be able to use the iPhone inside an Airplane, when they ask to disconnect this radio to guarantee that it will not interfere, supposedly, with the rest of the devices of the aircraft. Then it is possible to have the Wi-Fi radio working with the Airplane mode activated, because they are totally different radios, but in this case we are going to use the Airplane Mode to disconnect the entire Baseband system, a mini-computer that is inside a Qualcomm or Intel chip (depending on your iPhone model) and that is responsible for managing cellular connections, antenna changes, broadcast power according to coverage, error correction and yes, Also check if the SIM card is correct and inserted.
Once we put the Airplane Mode, we turn it off again. At that time, the system will check the SIM card again and reconnect, at least until the same error again. It is very likely that if it has happened once, more times ... which leads to the next option to solve the problem definitely, and long term.

Change SIM card

It is relatively common for different reasons, a SIM card to be damaged, even if we have never removed it from the mobile. After all, it works with metal contacts that can get dirty, or the small chip inside it could have broken down. It is not a problem that usually happens, but it is not strange that it happens either.
Nano SIM card
The contacts, as we see in the nano SIM card of the image above, usually suffer from chafing with SIM card reader contacts when inserting and removing the tray where we put it. That can result in a damaged card over the years, but in any case, it is very difficult to know. Therefore, mobile telephony operators usually provide new SIM cards on the spot, with the same telephone number, disabling the previous one. Simply ask for one by phone or in one of the operator's stores, and change it. This is the fastest method to solve the problems of No SIM card on the iPhone.

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