Thursday, November 2, 2017

Face ID is slower than Touch ID, but in daily use it is faster

One of the questions that many of us wonder about the new biometric identification system of the iPhone X, Face ID, is if it really can make you forget how good Touch ID is. We have become accustomed to that fingerprint sensor so quickly that now it is hard to imagine stopping using it. In the first real tests in which we can compare Touch ID on an iPhone 8 or 7 with Face ID on an iPhone X, it has been confirmed that, effectively, Touch ID is faster than Face ID . However, in daily use, it may be faster because for certain tasks, such as opening a notification that has just arrived, Face ID is considerably faster. In this video, we can see precisely that interaction and compare the same action with Touch ID and Face ID.
As we can see, Face ID is clearly faster because with Touch ID it is necessary to put your finger on the Home button to unlock the system, while Face ID starts working before, as soon as we lift the iPhone X, by the time we make the gesture about the notification that we want to open, the system is already unlocked. This gives an advantage to the facial recognition system of the iPhone X over Touch ID on an iPhone 8 or 7.
However, if we look only at the numbers, Face ID is a bit slower than Touch ID, taking into account only the time it takes to unlock the iPhone without further ado. Specifically, an iPhone 7 Plus Touch ID allows you to reach the Springboard (Apps icon screen) in 0.91 seconds, while Face ID in an iPhone X requires an average of 1.48 seconds, although it takes only 1.16 seconds. seconds if we count since the screen turns on, instead of when we take the iPhone X and raise it so that the screen automatically turns on, with this option activated in the Settings App.
Face ID
In short, if we forget that Face ID is there and simply take the iPhone X and slide up, it will be unlocked in the vast majority of times. If we configure it to have to touch the screen or use the power button, it will take a little longer, but in any case, it continues to be very fast. In fact, it is faster than the first generation of Touch ID used in the iPhone 5S and 6. The second generation of that fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 6S, 7 or 8, is considerably faster. Face ID stands at a point between that first and second generation Touch ID. To be a new system, in its first generation, it is not bad.
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