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Monday, November 27, 2017

Google gets on the video cart against Apple and the iPhone with its Pixel 2

Google launches a new video that shows the features of its new terminal, but mocks Apple for the storage of the iPhone .
A few days ago we told you how Samsung was making fun of the new iPhone X and the users waiting for it in a queue.
Then Motorola continued with a video that was a genius. Now Google does the same to sell its Pixel 2.

Google obviates the fine print of Pixel 2

In this video, Google shows all the features of its new terminal, until then, everything is correct. But about the second 50 , Google mocks the storage of the iPhone.
Specifically, the girl in the ad asks Google Assistant if he will ever run out of space for his photos, the assistant says "never". Immediately after, an iOS window appears where it warns that the space is full.
That's where Google promotes its unlimited space for photos by buying the Pixel 2. What Google does not say is that this space is limited to 2 years (it appears in very small letters of the video), where then you will have to go through the box with a monthly fee .
Apple is committed to the cloud as storage for photos, videos and application data, where it offers the possibility of hiring an iCloud Drive plan We also have Dropbox or even Google Photos to upload unlimited photos with good quality.
This series of videos are good to go viral, where sometimes, this type of advertising can be very benefited or badly damaged for companies or products, much depends on how the public takes it.
It seems that this year's fashion is to make videos against Apple and the iPhone , at least Google has been more discreet than Samsung in its latest commercial .

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