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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to create your own ringtone on your iPhone

After the release of the latest version of the software relating to iTunes, Apple has completely changed the user interface to create ringtones on the Mac. Although it is still possible.
However, it is much easier to create a ringtone directly from your iPhone using the options provided by the Apple GarageBand application.
This application has a hidden functionality that you probably have not found if you do not use GarageBand regularly. So, if you're bored with iOS ringtones , we'll tell you how to create your own song in this tutorial.

Learn how to create your iPhone ringtones

If you access the "Sounds" section of the Settings application, you will see how Apple offers a wide variety of ringtones on your iPhone. In addition to the default sounds, the company gives you an option to enter the iTunes Store and download your favorite ringtones.
But thanks to this method, you can create your own ringtone completely free of charge.
1. Download the GarageBand application from the iOS App Store.
2. Select the option to create a new song.
3. Choose the musical instrument you want.
4. Create your own ringtone, without exceeding a limit of 30 seconds.
5. Press the button in the upper left corner to access the view with all the songs and instruments.
6. Import your song.
7. Press the Live Loops button on the toolbar.
8. Select the source of the audio, some songs can not be imported because they are protected by not being stored locally on your iPhone.
9. Keep your finger pressed on the song you want to drag it to the GarageBand tracks.
10. Once you have finished editing your track, 30 seconds long, you are ready to save it as a new ringtone.
11. Go to "My songs".
12. Find your song in the "Recent" tab.
13. Keep your finger pressed on it.
14. In the menu, select the "Share" option.
15. To finish, click on the "Tone" option.
Now you only have to wait for the export process of your new ringtone to finish. From now on, it will be available in the "Sounds" section of the Settings application.

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