Friday, November 3, 2017

How to display the percentage of battery charge on the iPhone X

One of the things that will surprise many when they turn on their iPhone X for the first time, is that the remaining battery percentage does not appear next to the battery icon in the upper right corner. In all previous iPhone models, showing or not this percentage could be activated in the Settings App, but in the iPhone X you will not find it, because it simply does not exist .
It is something that will be quite disconcerting for many. How is it possible that the iPhone X can not show the percentage of remaining battery charge? - is something that most of us have become accustomed to after many years using iOS on an iPhone. Well, the truth is that the iPhone X itself can show that percentage of battery, but not always . Apple, to deal with the lack of space in the status bar, which is divided in two due to that tab at the top of the screen, try to use as little space as possible and that's why it shows only the battery icon. But, if you want to know the exact remaining battery percentage, you only have to show the Control Center on the screen ... at that moment,The percentage of remaining battery charge will appear . In the upper right corner.
It is important to remember that the Control Center, in the iPhone X, is not removed from the bottom of the screen , as is done in all previous iPhone models. Since the iPhone X does not have a Home button, the sliding movement from bottom to top has been re-assigned to leave an App (as if pressing the Home button) or to go to the list of recently opened Apps if the vertical sweep ends before., also badly called multitasking modeTherefore, Apple has changed the gesture that has to be done to take the Control Center to a slide up and down from the upper right corner of the screen, where the battery icon is in the status bar. Doing that, the Control Center will appear, and in that same corner, the percentage of remaining battery charge.
This means that from now on, and until Apple changes its mind, we will not have the remaining battery percentage always displayed on the screen . If we want to see it, we will have to move a finger from the upper right corner, show the Control Center and, there, check the remaining battery percentage.
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