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Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to have portrait mode on any iPhone

We must recognize that when Apple introduced its first dual-camera phone last year, the iPhone 7 Plus, managed to attract the eyes of many fans of mobile photography. The launch of this device opened a path for those seeking something more , path that has continued with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X .
And if something was attractive for this terminal was the so-called Portrait Mode, an effect that manages to mimic that of SLR cameras. For those who do not know, it consists of leaving the main object to be clearly photographed and blurring the background . Also known as the bokeh effect , it delights its users, and with the iPhone 8 Plus and its vertical lighting mode improved effects are achieved.

But I have an iPhone 6!

If you have a previous model to the 7 series, or an iPhone "no Plus" you can also take pictures with this effect thanks to a free application called Patch. Once downloaded and installed, you must select a photograph, ideally with good light , and where there is a person or object that is well differentiated and that you want to highlight. The application will analyze the image and apply the blur effect you were looking for.
Normally the results are good, in any case if there is an image of which you have not been satisfied you can try to edit it yourself . This way you will be able to leave that image to your liking. As you can see it is a simple and automatic process.
You can also try this other application, and it only costs 1 euro and a few cents. We speak of Bokeh Lens, with a careful interface and that is quite complete. Its use is very similar and it is easy to use, giving very nice results . Your photos taken to another extreme.

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