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Friday, November 24, 2017

How to invoke Siri on the iPhone X

After weeks of waiting, it's November 3 and the iPhone X has arrived at the Apple Store and the first lucky ones can already enjoy the most iconic terminal of the bitten apple . Judging by the queues we have glimpsed early in the morning in major cities, the price has not been a determining factor to opt for the new Apple flagship.
And the truth, who can resist a phone as revolutionary as the iPhone X? Apple had been repeating design since 2014 and so much innovation has received a spectacular reception. There is no Home button and the Touch ID has given way to the controversial facial recognition through the Face ID.
But will we be able to adapt to the absence of physical buttons? Apple has always shown an intuitive handling of their devices and now it will be even more: everything will be a matter of sliding and of many gestures. If you have in your hands the brand new iPhone X, this interests you: a guide of basic gestures of your new terminal.

Basic gesture guide for iPhone X

With the previous models we were already used to tasks such as unlocking the terminal, using Apple Pay, invoking Siri, taking a screenshot or even a forced reset ... how will we do with the iPhone X?

Unlock the iPhone X

There are three ways to do it . The first of all and simpler is simply to raise it, as you could do with other iPhone. Another option is to tap on the screen or click on the side button.
If you come from an iPhone 6s or higher, you will already know the " Lift to activate " function, present in Settings > Screen and brightness , but now you can also unlock it with the Face ID.

Return to the main screen

This is very important. Until now pressing the Home button returned to the main screen, it was truly a quick, simple and effective return home.
In the iPhone X you will have to slide from the bottom up to return to the desktop. For us to understand, the gesture that was previously used to open the control center.

Go to the Control Center and the Notifications screen

Wait a moment, then if the classic gesture to access the control center is already used, how do I go to the control center? Well, very easy. Slide down from the right side of the notch. Yes, the ears of the iPhone X are going to serve us a lot, in fact both are the beginning of some gestures.
The ears of the iPhone X have more features than you think
In fact, sliding down from the right takes us to the control center and doing the same from the left ear brings us to the notifications screen.

Access to multitasking

With the previous models see all the apps that we had open was as simple as double click on the Home button and that's it. Now you will make a gesture that is quite reminiscent of playing cards . You have to slide from one lower corner to the other lower corner such that:

Summon Siri

There is no Home button, but there is Siri and it is smarter than ever, according to NewCydiaTweaksTo call our virtual assistant we will have to make a long press on the side button, also known as the sleep / wake button, something super fast to do with one hand. Still, remember that "Hey Siri" is still available .

Access Apple Pay

To enter Apple Pay you will have to give a double tap on the side button and then let the Face ID recognize you , something that will be repeated when you buy an app in the App Store. The purchases, always safe with Apple.

How to make screenshots

How useful are the screenshots to immortalize something present in our display. Until now, we had to press both the Home button and the side button at the same time, but now this combination has been modified and we will have to simultaneously press the side button and increase the volume.

Deactivate the Face ID temporarily

Imagine that an emergency arises and you have to deactivate facial recognition. How to do it? Press the button to raise the volume and the side at the same time, as if you were making a screenshot but longer. At that moment you will notice a tactic vibration and no matter how hard you look at your iPhone X, it will no longer be unlocked. You will only be able to access it through the classic PIN.
By the way, this function was clarified by Craig Federighi himself via email when even US politicians questioned the security and privacy of the Face ID, especially in situations of risk.

Turn off the iPhone X

You'll be thinking , who would want to turn off a phone as wonderful as the iPhone X? Yes, I also believe the same, but for that you only have to press the side button and turn up the volume at the same time. Yes, you read correctly: it is exactly the same as a screen capture or deactivating the Face ID, it is what has to remove so many buttons.

Forced shutdown

Imagine the hypothetical case in which there is an error and you must restart your iPhone X. Atento because this almost seems a more worthy combination of Konami and Street Fighter than a gesture for the iPhone:
  • Press and release to increase the volume
  • Press and release to lower the volume
  • Press and hold the side button
The Apple logo will appear, which will mean that your iPhone is restarting.

Enjoy your iPhone X!

Reading this huge list you realize that the iPhone X is wonderful, but it will cost us a bit to say goodbye to the Home button and the Touch ID , as well as get used to the most basic gestures and many others that Apple has prepared to squeeze the maximum our wonderful phone.
Also, remember to protect your wonderful iPhone X with a safe, a good case, headphones and many exclusive accessories to enjoy it safely .

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