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Monday, November 13, 2017

How to take a photo from the Apple Watch

A very practical function of the Apple Watch , is to be able to shoot a photograph of the iPhone with our watch.
It is really practical, especially when we want to take a group picture using the back camera of our device. So we can monitor the frame and nobody will be left out of the picture.
When we make a selfie, it is also usually very helpful, especially since the front camera of the iPhone is always lower than the back one, with which we will have better quality images.

This is how a photograph is taken from the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Camera options
The procedure is really simple , we can even use the timer function so that we have time to get comfortable without leaving the photograph with the hand on our wrist.
  • Open the Camera app from the Apple Watch
  • Place the iPhone in the position you want
  • See the image from the Apple Watch
  • Press the trigger or the 3 second timer
Fast and simple You can also check the result of the image made from Apple Watch itself, in case we want to repeat it. You will simply have to press the captured image that will appear in the lower left corner.
The Apple Watch offers us a series of options if we keep pressed the screen, for example, we can change the camera (going from the back to the front), activate the flash , configure the HDR , activate or deactivate Live Photos or even increase the zoom with the digital crown.
We can not record video from our watch, but we can observe in real time what our iPhone camera shows. This is really useful if we have small children and we want to use it as "watch babies ", even if it is a rudimentary method, it does get us out of a punctual situation.
Now no family member or friend will be left out of a photograph when immortalizing those family moments thanks to the Apple Watch Camera application and your iPhone.

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