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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Important security flaw in macOS High Sierra and solution

A few hours ago we discovered what could be the most important security flaw of recent times in the macOS operating system Fortunately, there is an immediate solution .
The failure is that anyone who has access to a Mac, can create, modify or delete the accounts of administrators in using any type of password .
The problem is of great magnitude, since any person could take possession of files, networks, Mac computers or block the accounts of administrators without any type of restriction.

Apple works on it

macOS High Sierra
Given the impact that has been created in social networks, it becomes an exceptional priority for Californians who must solve it as soon as possible . Apple has issued a statement announcing that they are working on it at this time.
"We are working on a software update to solve this problem. Meanwhile, it is recommended to set a root password to prevent unauthorized access to your Mac.
To enable the Root user and set a password, follow the instructions found here: .
Since the root user is already enabled, to ensure that a blank password is not set, follow the instructions in the "Change the root password" section.

How to solve the problem temporarily

Root Apple Ricky
While Apple works on a stable solution that will come in the form of an update. Currently you can protect your computer by changing the root password, as indicated by Apple.
Apple has designed a step-by-step guide on how to enable the root user, how to log in and how to change the password to increase security.

We have two options, the first one would be:

  1. Open Terminal and type the text below
  2. sudo passwd root
  3. Press enter
  4. Enter a new password

The second option would be the following:

  1. We open Spotlight by pressing the CMD key + space bar
  2. Write Directory Utility and press Enter
  3. We click on the padlock
  4. In the top menu press Edit
  5. We go down to Activate root user and click
  6. We introduce our new password
Change Root user
From now on, our system has a password modified (or created) by us, so the problem should be solved . At least until Apple launches an update to plug this security hole.
There is no doubt that we are facing one of the worst security failures of Apple , as it is a violation in the administrator account and does not have any protection.
The spread in social networks has become a serious problem , so you'd better change the Root password as soon as possible with the solution that Apple recommends , only in that way, your Mac and you will be protected.

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