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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Improvements arrive in the time of the shipment of the iPhone X in Europe

We have already seen that the iPhone X has been a worldwide phenomenon and the demands have surpassed even the expectations that Apple had which were already quite high in themselves. Obviously, being a demand higher than production, because it was quite slow due to various factors, it is understandable that the units are limited and people who want to get one of these terminals have to wait days or weeks until there is stock in the online store to get one.

Good news

iPhone X available in Europe, Africa and Asia
We started having waiting periods of 5 and 6 weeks , then they went to be between 3 and 4, mostly to countries that had nothing to do with Spain, but now the improvements have come to this and the estimated waiting time in Europe is 2 and 3 weeks.
If you are one of the Spaniards who does not have a store at least nearby and could not ask for it through the online store, we have good news for you since the waiting time has dropped to 2 and 3 weeks in the following countries: United Kingdom , Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Holland and most important for us, Spain . Now we should have no problem, in theory, when choosing the color and model, depending on the capacity, to order through the online store.
iphone x
We already know that Tim Cook said that they were working to improve the production week after week and we are truly seeing a considerable improvement in this process which determines the quantity of units that are going to be sold. The iPhone X is being a success and has even raised the shares of Apple to historic records for the Cupertino company. This is just the beginning and for now it is rumored that we will have another 3 iPhone's for 2018, including an iPhone X Plus .

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