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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Instagram removes the 24-hour limit to upload a photo to Stories

Something for which Instagram stands out is for their stories, something that other applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook have failed to materialize. Despite this, Instagram has not been the first to integrate these stories, and everything was a copy to an application that we already talk a little, Snapchat . 

Instagram removes the 24-hour limit on their Stories

Instagram owes all its success to Snapchat, which has been relieved from first place. But not everything was in copying the stories or animated filters in these , since it has also removed a limitation that seemed absurd to all, something that we have claimed all users for a long time and that in the end have implemented. This minor "novelty" is something that should have been incorporated from the beginning. 
Instagram Stories cover
Before, if you wanted to add a story from your reel, you only got the pictures you had made an hour ago. With the new update that has arrived today, it is no longer the case, having no absurd limits when it comes to entering a photograph in your stories.
Now, we have at our disposal all our photographic reel, although if we want to upload an old photograph we will have to deal with the application and slide upwards for a long time. They should implement a system that allows to better locate the photographs and we hope that it will leave the geniuses of Instagram and not end up copying it to other applications similar to them.
Another way to add an old photo is to go to the Photos app where it is easier to locate a photo using the search engine that integrates and give "Share" and choose InstagramIn this way, we can add it in a simple way.
We are still waiting for a big update that will arrive later this year where they will incorporate filters related to Christmas. 

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