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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Instagram's Instagram update includes interesting news

Instagram is releasing a new update in a silent way where we can respond with drawings in the images we receive.
This new update is spreading among all users, there is no need to update from the App Store, it will simply be enabled in the next hours (or days) .
Instagram (owned by Facebook) continues to advance in its news to remove Snapchatfrom younger users.

Receive, draw, paint and respond

The novelty that it includes allows us to respond to the messages we receive from our friends by drawing directly on the photographs they send us. This new way of answering messages, seeks to obtain a greater transfer of images in the social network.
But also come new features with a new button "repost". This button allows us to share an image among our followers, something like "Share" on Facebook or make an "RT" on Twitter.
One of the problems that Instagram would face, would be the complaints of the users when seeing several images repeated in their walls. We will have to see how this new option is implemented and how it is taken by the most loyal users.
Another novelty that Instagram could be preparing, would be the integration of GIFs in their own "History". Instagram is increasingly encouraged to incorporate new features in its iOS application. Now the users will be the ones who think if these news are useful for them.

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