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Saturday, November 11, 2017

iPad Pro 2018: this is the tablet that will fall in love again

Yesterday we were talking long and hard about the new iPad Pro 2018 , the tablet that Apple is planning to present next year will feature a drastically renewed design.
The side bevels of the frame present in the iPad Pro of 2018 (or as it finally ends up calling the device) will be very small. Also, I would not have a start button.
Basically, we are talking about an iPad Pro in the style of the iPhone X . Obviously, with a much larger screen and features adapted to the performance of your hardware.


The iPad Pro of 2018 will have a 10.5-inch screen. Its design, as mentioned previously, will be very similar to that of the iPhone X. It will incorporate very small side bevels, especially at the top and bottom. It will not have a start button and its thickness will be slightly higher than that of the current 10.5-inch iPad Pro (0.61 cm).

Side bevels

Probably one of the most radical changes in the history of the iPad. Apple has found that the reduction of the lateral bevels of the iPhone X has been satisfactory , and therefore, the company intends to do the same with the iPad Pro. The bevels of its frame will be 1 cm.

Face ID

The new iPad could also incorporate facial recognition Face ID technology This would happen thanks to the implementation of the TrueDepth camera system replacing the physical start button. It will be very interesting to see how this hardware responds in such a large device.

OLED screen

All rumors seem to indicate that the iPad Pro 2018 will not adapt Samsung's OLED technology to their screens. From Cupertino they would need more suppliers for their manufacture, which would generate many delays in the manufacturing process . So it is very unlikely that we will see Apple present a tablet with OLED screen soon. Although, undoubtedly, it will do so in the future.


Another of the surprises that gives us the iPad Pro 2018 is the addition of the popular Animojis that have had so much success in the iPhone X. On the other hand, it is speculated that Apple will introduce more 3D functions and augmented reality.


The various sources indicate that the future iPad model will have a much more powerful processor along with a GPU unit designed by Apple. Maybe we are talking about an A11X chip , taking into account the natural evolution of the nomenclatures of iPhone and iPad processors. This powerful processor will be specially designed to take a step towards the tablet-PCs.

FaceTime camera

The controversy will be served when Apple reveals how to integrate the FaceTime camera (front camera) in the iPad Pro 2018. Whether the company adapts the facial recognition system to your future tablet, or not, the device will require a FaceTime camera. But where to place it if its side bevels will be so small? The most logical thing is to think that Apple will include a frame at the top as it has done with the iPhone X. Will the new iPad have "ears"?

Wireless charging

It is very difficult that the iPad of 2018 offers compatibility with the wireless charge already available in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Apple is working on a new protocol that will allow devices like iPad or MacBook to be charged from a distance , but this Technology will not be available for next year. However, the 2018 iPad will have a fast charge.

Release date

Rumors suggest that we could see the new iPad model in the middle of 2018. Possibly after the WWDC. Maybe between the months of June to September . Additionally, it is interesting to mention that the company of the bitten apple has also been working on a second generation Apple Pencil .


From iDropNews indicate that we should expect Apple to increase the price of this new iPad Pro 2018. It will have a very advanced technology, especially for the technical complications involved in the design of a tablet with the side bezels so small. The new iPad Pro 2018 will cost between 125 euros and 175 euros more than the latest model available , the iPad Pro 10.5 inches.

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