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Friday, November 10, 2017

Jony Ive: The iPhone X will change as the software progresses

In an interview with the publication Wallpaper, Apple's design director, Jony Ive shared encouraging comments about radical changes for the iPhone X, as his software progresses. Exactly, I've been emphatic in stating that the Cupertino's flagship device will evolve and will be able to "do things it can not do now" within a year. But what are you referring to?
With respect to the new mobile with 5.8-inch OLED screen, Ive stressed that its functionality is determined by the software, thanks in large part to the new screen-centered design that will be exploited at its best due to the fluid nature of the device. software.

We have hardly seen a part of what the iPhone is capable of

During the conversation, which featured the iPhone X, we heard from this key member of the Apple team, his opinion on the questions we have already asked ourselves hundreds of times:
When asked if I miss the physical buttons and clicks of a device like the first iPod, I said that the most important thing is how a device evolves and "profoundly changes its functionality" after it has been created. And while I'm completely seduced by the coherence, simplicity and how easy it is to understand something like the first iPod, I'm honestly more fascinated and intrigued by an object that changes its function deeply and evolves.
Like us, Ive is totally seduced by the new proposal from Apple, which does sometimes miss some common feature in the other generations of iPhone, also manages to justify its replacement.
The iPhone impressed us since its presentation in September and with its official launch, a week ago; in consensus all have been surrendered to their charms and confident that their arrival, introduces us to what will be the way forward of their mobiles from now on.

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