Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mood, the app to make writing an art

Writing is fashionable. So fashionable that much of the content we publish daily on social networks is written. Better or worse is something we do on a daily basis. If it is true that a well-written, grammatically correct writing with a clear sense is a pleasure to the senses, to make it beautiful aesthetically is already something superior. Today we talk about MOOD, the application that embellishes your texts.
MOOD already takes time, about 4 years, in the App Store . Before it was known as Notegraphy, but although it has changed its name, it remains the same. Maybe it is not too well known, although it has managed to be number 1. It consists of a series of aesthetically beautiful templates with which you can embellish the texts you share on social networks. 21 graphic artists create those predetermined templates that are at your disposal, choosing your one that best suits your mood or aesthetic taste.
It is, therefore, a way to give an image to a thought in a very beautiful way. The notes, which should not be long and that simply must pick up an idea, can be embellished with 40 free templates at our disposal and designed by the artists. Once chosen, you can post it on your notepad and share it on social networks.
Writing therefore becomes an art, something more than a set of words. I have to say it is a fantastic application for anyone who likes to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram some thought . Pinterest is perhaps the social network that most fits with it. In the same way, you can use the notes you publish, and with which MOOD users can interact.

As we have said, the amount of templates allows us to adapt our written thinking according to our mood. There are sober and others very colorful and flashy . Another point in favor is that this application has a web version, so we can make our notes from our computer and using the same access credentials as in the app.
You know, now you have no excuses not to give a plastic and beautiful touch to everything you're thinking . Tell us about your experiences with MOOD.
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