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Monday, November 27, 2017

Niantic has updated the Pokemon GO for the iPhone X screen

Every time we say more today that the new platform for video games is the smartphone and there is no doubt that the improvement that these devices that most of us use as a tool every day has received in terms of the technical section refers to in the last years has been quite considerable and there are even some more powerful benchmarks than laptops and tablets. Today we come to talk about something that puts in the same box to video games and mobile phones since Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, has carried out an update so that the game itself is better suited to the iPhone X screen by its top.

Pokemon GO and Niantic get on the iPhone X train

Pokémon GO
Many to see the design that the terminal would have had the same question whether for moments and occasions such as watching a video or an application we would be able to take advantage of that small space at the top of the screen because it leaves two small gaps on each side , but it seems that more and more application developers are getting to work to adapt to the iPhone X, recently we could see how Spotify also made this move.
80 new people in Pokemon Go
They have many reasons to do so, especially when the same Apple said that the demand for the iPhone X when the reserves were opened was so great that they had not themselves estimated such amount of sales and were several days without units to sell digitally since the same Cupertino company said that there was going to be stock in the physical retail stores on the day of the launch and they complied with the word since nowadays you can even pick up the iPhone X the day you make the reservation.

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