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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Nintendo adapts Super Mario Run to the iPhone X screen

We told you a few days ago that Apple was asking developers to adapt their applications to the new iPhone X screen . Yesterday, Nintendo did it with its star game for iOS.
It is less than 24 hours before the users who booked the new iPhone X can pick it up at the Apple Store or receive it at home. So many developers are rushing to make their applications look good on Apple's new terminal.
Super Mario Run is a game that had some negative reviews on the day of its release for the price that Nintendo had stipulated, with the last big update of the game, users gave it a new opportunity and the reviews improved.

Nintendo is not happy with the benefits

Super Mario Run
Nintendo is doing everything possible to make Super Mario Run profitable, since, currently, the 200 million downloads  that the game has obtained, are not for them.
Despite the new updates, the price drop and premature adaptation to the new iPhone X, Nintendo may change its strategy in the game prices, moving to another business model.
It is foreseen that Super Mario Run can have a "freemium" mode , that is, a free game with integrated purchases. This type of games are very similar to slot machines, where you do not stop throwing coins to continue the game.
For those of us who like the game (even if it was a second chance), we are looking forward to seeing this Super Mario Run adapted to the screen of the new iPhone X , where many users will be able to pick it up tomorrow and try it out.

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