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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Open your eyes and your wallet: this would be the 2018 iPad

Recently leaked news that Apple was planning to present a new iPad Pro with very low side bezels . But, in addition, this new line of tablets would have incorporated Face ID technology.
That is, the 2018 iPad could look a lot like the design of the iPhone X . However, models of Apple's next-gen tablet will not adopt OLED technology.
Still, there are many hopes put in the new iPad design of 2018. iPad users have been waiting for a change in the design of the device for many years.

iPad Pro with Face ID, without Home button and with reduced bevels

The rumors about the incorporation of the TrueDepth system currently present in the iPhone X, so the arrival of the Face ID to the iPad in 2018 makes a lot of sense.
The reduced bevels will completely change the vision we have of the iPad Pro. And thanks to Benjamin Geskin, we can already see how the iPad that Apple is preparing to present next year will be.
As you can see in the images, the iPad Pro will still have a frame around the screenBut the bevels will be much narrower, just over one centimeter.
The size of the new bevels will be enough to hold the tablet without interacting with the screen is not a problem. The largest reduction of bevels can be seen at the top and bottom of this concept of iPad Pro 2018. The worst thing of all is that this new iPad will cost much more than current models, and probably more than the iPhone X.
We still have one thing to know ... Will the 2018 iPad Pro have the frame on the upper front of the iPhone X? Where will Apple implement the FaceTime camera on their new iPad? This and many other unresolved questions will be revealed as the months go by.

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