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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Samsung scoffed at Apple and now Motorola continues the story against Koreans

Curious Motorola's advertising campaign , which continues the commercial of the Koreans mocking Apple with the launch of the iPhone X, but this time, it is Samsung who gives a touch of attention.
This video is much shorter than the previous Samsung , but with the difference that this does not ridicule Apple's smartphone, it simply shows one of the qualities of the new Moto Z2 Play.
As a curiosity, to make the sequence more credible, Motorola hired the same actorwho starred in the video of Samsung mocking the 10 years of the iPhone.

Motorola's genius

The new Motorola Z2 Play includes a projector through a housing that attaches to the back of the smartphone. This quality is what they wanted to represent in the promotional video.
The sequence of the announcement of Samsung, ended with the protagonist passing through the door of an Apple Store before the launch of the iPhone X, where he looked with astonishment face at the customers who queued while he left with his Samsung Galaxy.
The promotional video of Motorola continues with the same protagonist coming home to show some videos to his girl, where this smartphone does not take advantage of the Samsung screen .
The girl looks at him and takes out the new Moto Z2 Play, incorporates a case with a projector and begin to watch the videos on a large screen projected on the wall.
It would be interesting that now Apple moved tab and continue this series of videos really unusual, but at the same time fun. Although everything has to be said, the Samsung campaign was not funny for many Apple users, this one from Motorola has been quite ingenious.

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