Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Some Apple Watch series 3 have a defect that makes lines appear on the side of the screen

Apple has recognized a new problem of production of the Apple Watch series 3 , that although it is smaller, it is possible that it bothers some users. In that some Apple Watch series 3 you can see a kind of bands on one side of the screen due to a manufacturing defect.
According to MacRumors account , Apple has passed a note to the Apple Store warning about this problem, which means that if you have an Apple Watch with this defect, you can get a free repair of it, something on the other hand that everyone can wait because the series 3 does not have a year yet and any defect of this type without obvious mistreatment of the watch would fall within the warranty for any Genius, in any Apple Store.
Apparently, this problem affects only models without LTE cellular radio. The problem could be caused by the accumulation of moisture under the glass of the screen, but this is only a hypothesis. The only important thing you should know is that if the screen does not look perfectly good, without any bands or smudges, you can take it to an Apple Store and ask for a solution.
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