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Friday, November 17, 2017

Some Face ID issues that do not occur with Touch ID

The new security system of Apple, Face ID is a quite new, safe and interesting system, although it has some drawbacks compared with Touch ID.
They are not serious problems, but we have to get used to them. We have been using Touch ID for several generations , so we found some gestures that we can no longer use in the same way as we did before.
Many users distrust Face ID, so they prefer to buy an iPhone 8 or some previous model. This is not the case, we are just going to talk about some inconveniences.

Disadvantages of Face ID versus Touch ID

The new security system of Apple, can not unlock the terminal in case it is in horizontalposition To be able to unlock it we need to be in front of the device and vertically .
Nor can we unlock it and send a quick message or see something in it, if we have it, for example, on a table or on the bedside table (without looking directly or horizontally again). That is, when we want to review something last minute. In this case we mustalso take it, point to our face and use it.
The same happens if we are loading it in some horizontal wireless charging base . The process is repeated, we have to dial the security code or lift it from the cargo base. For this, there are quite useful vertical wireless charging bases at a good price .
People with vision problems who need to be very close to see notifications or any content, should move a little more than usual iPhone X, since facial recognition involves being some distance from it.
We must remember that Apple has an accessibility section where it helps people with some kind of vision problem to better interact with the device.
Of course, all these "problems" can be solved by dialing the security code or by taking the iPhone X and using it as it really is. But they are small details that we were used to with Touch ID and now we have to get used to it.
Despite this, Face ID works really well, even better than Touch ID . It is a truly natural gesture that Apple has been able to implement in the best possible way. The possibility of using it in areas of low luminosity without having to use an artificial light, is simply spectacular.

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