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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Spotify adapts to the dimensions of the iPhone X in its latest update

The applications continue to adapt to the dimensions of the new iPhone X. The main ones are gradually being updated and we must recognize at a faster rate than in the transition from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6, in which it took several weeks to adapt the applications to the new dimensions that apple offered us. Today the latest application to catch up has been Spotify.

Spotify becomes compatible with the iPhone X

In an update that has been released today by Spotify, version 8.4.28 is already compatible with the frames of the iPhone X adding support to this terminal, something claimed by all users who had the terminal and who wanted it to be I saw perfectly your favorite application to listen to music.
Spotify logo
That is why, if you have an iPhone X and use Spotify we recommend installing it so you can fully enjoy the perfectly adapted interface. We hope that before the end of this month almost all applications of the App Store are adapted although surely from Cupertino will let us know how this process is going as they were the ones who asked the developers to update their applications to give a good experience to the user.

Do you still have an application that is not perfectly adapted? Tell us in the comments box.

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