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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Apple Support app is updated with an interface redesign

Apple has redesigned its Support application with which we can ask for technical assistance if unfortunately we have a problem with any of our devices. Today, they have released an update presenting the version 2.0 that has an interface change. It adds a new tab called "Discover" where we will have tricks and information about our products in order to get the most out of them, for example a route through the iOS 11 functions.

The Apple Support app is updated with interesting news

Now in the app as soon as we enter we will find in the lower part the different tabs, having before everything quite messy. Now, in the bottom part we will have the tab "Get Apple support", "Discover" and "Account". 
Apple Support App
The page you will use most will be to obtain support from Apple. When you are there, you can select the device you have with some kind of problem, detecting the ones you have thanks to the use of your Apple ID. In addition, we can select the services if we have in these some problem, such as Apple Pay. When entering the device we will have two sections, popular topics and more topics. Everything is much more spaced without forming a "platoon" of things, making reading and selection easier. By giving it we can see help articles or request technical service by phone or chat. 
The great novelty of this update is the tab "Discover" that gives us different tips about our terminals and the new features that incorporate to get the most out of them. It is information filtered for you, for your devices that you have. In addition, of these, you can explore in different features.
The goal of Apple is to get you to know everything about your terminal, just like it is done in a Custom Configuration session where a specialist discovers all the functions of your new device. This is now transferred to this app with all the tutorials we see on but in a much more organized way. 

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