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Monday, November 20, 2017

The Apple Watch helps a kitesurfer who was stranded in waters infested by sharks

The new Apple Watch Series 3 LTE helped a kitesurfer who was stranded in waters infested with sharks .
Zilles (that's what our protagonist calls himself), was practicing his favorite sport when he realized that he was too far from the beach.
A gust of wind caused the sail to fall , preventing Zilles from returning to the coast on his own. The problem worsened when he discovered the existence of white sharks hanging around in his area.

So helped the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE A Zilles

Our protagonist tried for several minutes to reach the beach, but it was not possible due to the calm wind of that moment. So he spent several minutes swimming to try to get to the safe area.
Zille calculated that the necessary time would be at least 2 hours to reach the coast, at that time, he recalled the ability of his Apple Watch Series 3 LTE to make phone calls.
He called his family to warn them that he had had a mishap with his boat, but that he was fine, where the normal one would arrive home later. Just in case, Zille called her son to send him the Coast Guard number.
"I was really surprised that he had a strong signal. So I called my children and said, 'Do not worry, I've fallen and I'm swimming to the coast, and I'll be home late.' Then I called my son and asked him to send me the Coast Guard number, just in case. "
Seeing that it would not be possible to arrive by his own means and with the inconvenience of the white sharks getting closer to his area, he decided to make the emergency call . In just 15 minutes, the Coast Guard came to his aid.
Thanks to the Apple Watch , Zille was able to be rescued before the sharks were closer to their area. As a curiosity, he says he will continue practicing this sport.

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