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Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Deputies will renew their iPhone this year, for an iPhone X?

Each year the terminals of our deputies of the lower house of the State, the Congress of Deputies, are renewed so that they can carry out their parliamentary activity with total normality by granting new resources. Today the BOE has published the call for public tender to offer both mobile and fixed service to employees of the lower house.

What iPhone will the Deputies look like this year?

The Congress of the deputies is "dominated by Apple", because you can only use iOS, and this suggests that the next iPhone to be granted to the deputies will be an iPhone 7 Plus, an iPhone 8 Plus or even the new iPhone X . 
They can not use another type of terminal as an Android because all applications to perform their legislative function, such as telematic voting, the agenda of the deputy or the control of the time of the word of their interventions is managed from applications designed only for iOS . That is why all deputies must have an iPhone in their hands and provided by the State.
IPhone X screen
What are the requirements that must exist in these terminals? Basically they must be "last generation". Within the Congress we will find, according to the written document, two profiles of people, and for each one there are specific characteristics in their terminals.
  • For profile 1 , 425 devices are needed with a screen of at least 5 inches, a minimum storage of 128 GB, a fingerprint reader and a quad-core processor. To all this is added a rate of 17 GB of data and unlimited calls to mobile phones, landlines, and special rate numbers such as 902. 
  • For profile 2 , 225 mobiles are required, intended for public office. These terminals do not have to be from Apple and can have any type of device. The requirements are to have 4 inches, 8 GB of internal storage and a 2 GB data rate. 
This year the deputies have used an iPhone 6s and that is why this year we will surely see in the hemicycle an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. The latter we doubt because the requirements specify that they must incorporate a fingerprint reader, something that the iPhone X does not have, but do the deputies know what Face ID is?
To all this, an increase of the budget is added to face the rise of the prices of the iPhone devoting itself 1.6 million euros of the taxpayer. 

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