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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The fun follies of the app Messages of your iPhone and iPad

After the launch of iOS 10 the company of the bitten apple implemented a good amount of functions, features and features in its native instant messaging application. Since then, the Messages app has not stopped receiving fantastic news.
And now, with iOS 11, Messages has incorporated so many new features that it has become positioned to match giants in the messaging sector such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
Apple's iMessage platform allows users to perform all kinds of fun crazy things , from sending animated emojis with audio messages to placing amazing stickers on images and videos. Do you want to know what else you can do with the iOS 11 Messaging app?

All the fun crazy things you can do with your Messaging app

Send the most spectacular messages in the world

The native messaging app iOS Messages for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch includes visual chat and background effects that adorn your messages . A different way to express your feelings and emotions! With them, you can even send invisible secret messages in the style of James Bond ...
Oh, and the effects of Messages can also be used in images, videos and links!
How to use the effects of Messages:
Write a phrase, select an image or include a video, then keep your finger pressed on the blue send button and choose your favorite chat or background effect. There are four "Bocadillo" effects and nine "Fondo" effects.
Chat effects:
  • Force
  • Scream
  • Smoothness
  • Invisible Ink
Background effects:
  • Echo
  • Focus
  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Love
  • Laser
  • Fireworks
  • Shooting Star
  • Celebration

Share your emotions ... without words!

The Messages application has a function known as "Reactions" that allows users to express their emotions and feelings without the need to write a letter . With this feature you can give likes, laugh, surprise interacting with text, images, videos, links, emojis, etc.
How to use the Reactions:
1. Keep your finger pressed on a text, sticker, image, emoji or video.
2. Additionally you can do a "double tap" on any element of the conversation.
3. Choose your favorite reaction.

Have a great time with YouTube

Instead of opening the official YouTube application, which incidentally consumes a battery that is fun to hear, you can simply share your favorite videos from your application for iMessage. It is much easier, practical and fast.

Share your most lazy rap songs

How could it be otherwise, the native application iOS 11 Messages for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows users to send audio notes . It's very easy, and it will offer you the possibility to send songs, poems, declarations of love or ... why not, Lepe jokes.
How to send voice notes:
Keep your finger pressed on the microphone button on the right side of the Messages text field and start speaking. To send, press the arrow button. To cancel, click on the cross.

Amaze everyone with memes and GIFs

Thanks to the implementation of the App Store in iMessage, you will have the opportunity to send GIFs in a much more comfortable, efficient and fun way . There are many applications of GIFs available for Apple's instant messaging application, but the most recommended and intuitive is Giphy.
Also, with Tumblr you can create your own animated GIFs!

Tell him with a sticker!

One of the funniest features of iMessage is to be able to send stickers to your contacts. It may seem that it is quite simple and boring, right? Incorrect. This is one of the funniest features because they give a lot of play, and that is that users can move and place the stickers where they want: in images, videos, links, messages or, of course, separately. And there are animated stickers!
How to use stickers:
Sending a sticker in Messages is easy. You only have to click on a sticker or keep your finger pressed on it to drag it to any area of ​​the conversation you want.
You can download your favorite stickers from the iMessage App Store:

Dance "La Macarena" with your favorite emojis

The Animojis that Apple presented with the launch of the iPhone X are animated emojis that use the facial recognition system to emulate the expressions of your face perfectly. This function is available in the App Store of the Messages application, and it is really fun.
How to use the Animojis:
1. Go to Messages.
2. Open a conversation.
3. Look for the monkey icon in the application bar.
4. Select your favorite Animoji.
5. Start recording by pressing the red circular button.
6. Send your Animoji to any contact!
Important: Animojis are only available on the iPhone X, however, their reception will be visible on any Apple mobile device.

Become an artist

The Digital Touch functionality of the iOS 11 Messages application will allow you to make free- hand drawings and even send the whips of your heart, fireballs, touches ... and even kisses!
How to use Digital Touch:
Access the applications in the bottom bar of the Messages application and select Digital Touch on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Click on the arrow to expand your user interface to full screen.
Digital Touch functions
These are the functions of Digital Touch:
  • Drawing: Slide your finger on the screen to make a drawing.
  • Touches: Press with a finger in any area to send touches.
  • Fireballs: Hold a finger on the screen and move it.
  • Kisses: Press with two fingers on the screen to send kisses.
  • Heart: Keep two fingers pressing on any area.
  • Broken heart: Keep two fingers pressing on the screen and slide down.

Send emojis GIANTS

Apple allows you to send large emojis among users of the Messages app. Only one limit of three giant emojis per message can be sent And remember! You can combine your giant emojis with chat effects and background effects to make them even more fun.

Stay with your colleagues!

As it could not be otherwise, the application Messages of your iPhone and your iPad will allow you to stay with your friends / as and relatives in a very comfortable way, by sending your location in Maps .
How to send your location:
1. Open Settings.
2. Activate the Location services.
3. Open the Maps application.
4. Press on the place you want.
5. Click on the "Share" or "Share my location" button.

Drag and drop "like a boss" everywhere

If you have an iPad compatible with iOS 11 (and higher versions) you can use the news of Multitasking to enjoy the advantages of the function "Drag and drop" . You can move links from Messages to Facebook, drag your favorite photos of kittens to Notes, copy texts from Messages to WhatsApp ... and much more!
So far all the fun crazy things you can do from Messages, the renewed application of instant messaging from Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . As you may have seen, its functions give a lot of play. Now it's your turn to put into practice everything you've learned. To enjoy!

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