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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Google suite for iOS is updated adapting to iOS 11 and iPhone X

We have good news for those who use the Google suite in their day to day. Finally, they have decided to update their applications to adapt them to the new screen size of the iPhone X and to the new features that iOS 11 incorporated such as drag and drop, which will greatly help to improve our productivity and who knows, it may cause more users to opt for these applications in your day to day.

The Google suite integrates with the iPhone X and iOS 11

The iPhone X has given many problems to application developers because they have had to adapt their applications to the new dimensions they have brought from Cupertino. Today Google and its three productivity applications have been added which have been adapted.
cloud storage with google drive
Not only have been squared with the frames of the new flagship of Apple but they have adopted a new functionality that brought iOS 11 and we were surprised that they had not integrated. This is drag and drop that will allow us for example on an iPad to copy a text from a PDF itself and drag this to a document in this case from the Google Docs app. This was not possible in the Google suite but they already made it fully compatible. 
Now, working with the Google suite on our iPad will be much simpler and will make working with documents , spreadsheets, and Google presentations much easier. These applications are widely used by students as they are very well integrated with the free cloud of the Mountain Valley company. It's interesting that they do not forget about Apple, but these updates should have arrived a lot earlier. But, the important thing is that in the end this update has arrived.
Have you already updated and tested these news? Leave us your impressions in the comments box.

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