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Sunday, November 26, 2017

The government of India is pleased that Apple wants to expand its presence in this country

Apple made the decision to start manufacturing certain products in other Asian countries besides China. The country they selected to have part of their assembly chain was India, with the iPhone SE, being the first Apple terminal "made in India" . Apple's commitment to this country greatly pleased his government and the idea that they continue to expand their presence in this country makes them much happier. 

That Apple is interested in India "makes happy" his government

The Economic Times today released a note where the Minister of Industry of India would be " very happy"  if Apple increases its presence in industry in their lands. The minister himself has stated that his government is willing to maintain an open dialogue and without any red line with those of Cupertino so that they decide to expand in their country and possibly leave others like China. Is this what they have in mind?
Assembled in India
"Design by Apple in California. Assembled in India. "
Specifically stated:
"We are going to have a good proposal from them [Apple] ... We will be very happy to receive Apple, one of the best brands in the world. We are willing to find out if there is any difficulty that may delay your greater presence in our country. We will be more than happy to solve that difficulty. So we are waiting for a formal proposal, "said Prabhu.
The rumors of a second generation of the iPhone SE and its increased demand would be making Apple strengthen its factories in India to avoid problems in the distribution and who knows whether to move other products such as the iPhone 2018 so that it does not concentrate its production only in a country, and avoid supply problems such as those we are living in the iPhone X, in the face of high demand.

In addition, Apple is struggling to have presence but not with an Apple Store, if providing terminals to authorized vendors. This management would be hampered by the authorities themselves, although there are many rumors that will soon give green light.

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