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Monday, November 6, 2017

The iPhone X has the best and most innovative performance according to DisplayMate

We have already been saying, like many American sources and even Apple itself, that the iPhone X presents many innovations in terms of security , operation and other factors that define the quality of a phone, but now even DisplayMate has said that the iPhone X has the best performance and innovation that has been seen in a smartphone ever tested before. It is clear that this is one of the most important and expected products by the apple community in years and some go further saying that this exceeds the expectation of the first iPhone or iPhone Classic.

DisplayMate gives his humble opinion on the iPhone X

iPhone X ringtone
As in any iPhone launch, DisplayMate has pronounced its opinion on the terminal in question and since it went on sale 3 days ago have been able to squeeze and put the iPhone X to work to see what it is capable and have been impressed. They are not cut when affirming that it is the best smartphone ever created and that it presents an innovation and misplaced performance compared to what was seen before it. In terms of performance we knew that the iPhone X would be far above the rest as its A11 processor is even more powerful than many computers of the same company so it places it at the top of the current benchmark table.
A fact that collides enough and that DisplayMate has mentioned is the screen as it is larger than the iPhone 8 Plus which is a terminal much larger and larger, but due to the large edges of the latter its screen is not it can be compared in size with that of the iPhone X. If you are interested in knowing more about what DisplayMate has said about this new iPhone, we leave it here .

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