Monday, November 6, 2017

The iPhone X is more likely to be damaged in a fall [video]

The iPhone X , like the iPhone 8, is made of glass on both sidesObviously the side of the screen is made of glass, as in previous iPhone models, and in the back, we have glass again, something that Apple did not do since they presented the iPhone 4S, the latest design to the iPhone 8 that used a glass back shell. Even in the iPhone 4S, the edge was very well surrounded by a metal band, with very sharp corners, which somehow protected the device a bit more in the event of falling to the ground. With the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, this does not happen, because its sides, although they are metallic too, are rounded. The metal, practically fuses with the glass on both sides and that design makes them more susceptible to break when they fall. In SquareTrade have made some of the first tests of falls and have named the iPhone X asthe iPhone model easier to break . In this video we can see those tests.
In the past, it was relatively common for the glass to break but the screen would continue to work. In the case of the iPhone X the screen reaches the edges of the device in practically its entire perimeter, causing it also easily break in a fall . It is for this reason that a repair of an iPhone X, in addition to being more expensive , requires changing more components , not only the outer shell, but probably also the screen .
For that reason, it is more advisable than ever to use a case with the iPhone X , or be very careful not to throw it to the ground. This time, a fall can be more expensive than ever before.
SquareTrade is a company that sells insurance for smartphones like the iPhone X, so obviously they are very interested in showing that one of their insurance is more useful than ever before. The test is not the most scientific one can think but it is also true that an iPhone all screen that is glass on both sides, is more fragile as much as Apple has managed to harden the glass this time.
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