Monday, November 6, 2017

The iPhone X is subjected to its first resistance test [Video]

As every time Apple releases a new iPhone occurs, the YouTuber JerryRigEverything quickly put to work and published its typical video in which test the resistance of the new iPhone X .
As usual, the YouTuber submits several tests to the iPhone X in which it shows resistance to scratches and scratches, to burns, and also what happens when trying to bend it.
As you know, both the front and the back of the iPhone X are made of glass. Although Apple says that the glass used in their new smartphone is the strongest ever used in a smartphone, in the video we can see that the screen shows marks by applying a level 6 punch of hardness on the Mohs scale . It is the same level as other high-end smartphones, such as the LG V30  or the Galaxy Note 8 , for example, are scratched, so there does not seem to be a big difference in the resistance of the glass used.
As the back of the iPhone X is made with the same glass as the front, its resistance is exactly the same. As for the lens that protects the dual camera, it also shows marks with the level 6 of Mohs, despite the fact that, supposedly, it is made of sapphire crystal, which should not be scratched until using level 8. This was already the case with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 , which means that, probably, Apple uses a mixture of crystal and sapphire, or that the sapphire is not as pure as would be desirable.
For greater durability, Apple has included a thin plastic cushion between the glass and the metal chassis, although we doubt that it will be of great help if you drop your iPhone X to the ground, being as it is crystal for the most part, and taking into account that Apple charges € 321.10 for replacing the screen, and nothing less than € 611.10 if we need to replace the back, better be careful not to fall ... or have it well protected with a good case and a good screen saver: you can find a variety in our articles best iPhone covers X and best screen protector for iPhone X .
After testing the scratch resistance, JerryRigEverything goes on to test the heat resistance of the screen. As expected, by subjecting the screen to the flame of a lighter for a while, the oleophobic cover eventually burns, causing permanent damage to the screen.
To finish, the YouTuber tries to double the iPhone X, which proves to be very resistant in this sense, since it does not get it to bend no more minimum, and we do not see that the screen separates.
Here you can see the video:
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