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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The new Korean phone will be called Samsung Galaxy X

The trend of the names are changing according to fashion, Apple launched mobile telephony "X" for your new iPhone, now, the Korean brand will do the same with the Samsung Galaxy X .
With the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the names of the terminals began to be more " sexy " for the consumer, where each company adopted its own model.
Thanks to this, the marketing of mobile phones was setting a trend in the brands themselves. We have the case of Apple with iPhone, Samsung with the Galaxy or Nokia with Lumia (later it was renamed Microsoft Lumia).

Samsung bets on the "X", but with a flexible screen

Samsung Galaxy X
Winning a prestigious good name is not complicated, the tricky thing is to keep it. Samsung with Galaxy has achieved it, even with the Note range despite the problems caused. The truth is that Samsung Galaxy X has been playing for quite a while for its commitment to a flexible screen. Apple could also be interested in a screen of these characteristics, which would have been associated with LG.
Now dares with a new range, the "X", like Apple did this year. The new Samsung Galaxy X could come with a really high specifications to compete with Apple's latest bet. This name was already heard at the beginning of the year, but it is now when Samsung has confirmed it .
Samsung has confirmed the existence of a Samsung Galaxy X, currently, is known for its model ( SM-G888 ), where it has already received approval for several certifications, such as the Bluetooth SIG, WiFi Alliance or the National Radio Research Agency .
It is not yet known when it would be released or the date of presentation, although it could be close to compete with Apple's iPhone X but with a flexible screen, which was already announced several months ago.
It is quite striking as Samsung also adopted its Galaxy range with numbers such as the S8 or Note 8 (among others), just as Apple began to market their mobile phones.
With the "X" as a model of a terminal, Apple was not the first company to appoint one of their phones, we have the case of  Motorola Moto X . A mid-range terminal that was quite successful in that range because of price and quality.
It is still early to know technical details, price and release date, but the Korean brand has confirmed the existence of a Samsung Galaxy X .

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