Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The next generation of HomePod could include Face ID

The first generation of HomePod will not be available until December, but that does not prevent that we already have the first rumor of how it will be the second generation of the intelligent speaker of Apple.
The rumor in question comes to us, as it could not be otherwise, from sources in Apple's supply chain, which claim that the HomePods of the future will come equipped with cameras with 3D sensors, with support for Face ID, similar to the TrueDepth camera. X iPhone .
Specifically, the president of Inventec Appliances , David Ho, recently mentioned that the company is seeing a trend towards the incorporation of facial recognition and image technologies in smart loudspeakers, although he has not specified which loudspeakers he is talking about specifically.
The comment was made after the last financial results conference of Inventec, and analysts have deduced that Ho referred to "the next generation of Apple's HomePod . The reason for this deduction is that Inventec Appliances is, at this moment, the exclusive supplier of both AirPods and HomePod. Keep in mind, however, that the company also manufactures Xiaomi smartphones, Fitbit devices, and Sonos speakers, among other products.
In any case, and given the ties of Inventec with Apple, the analyst Jeff Pu is convinced that David Ho's comment means that we will have a HomePod with Face ID in 2019.

According to David Ho, facial recognition functions "are designed to make people's lives more comfortable, and to make the product easier to use . "
At the moment we do not know the exact date when the HomePod is going to be launched, although Apple said it would be in December. In principle, the smart speaker will only be available in three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia . In the rest of the world it will be available in 2018.
It is interesting to remember that, more than a year before the presentation of HomePod, which took place last June during the WWDC , there were rumors that Apple's smart speaker could include some kind of facial recognition system . At that time, it was said that the device could be "self-conscious" and able to detect who was in a room, using facial recognition technology. In this way, the loudspeaker could, for example, play the music that a particular user likes, or adjust the lighting of the room to their liking.
Now we know that the HomePod does not contain any of these functions, but maybe Apple was already testing them more than a year ago, and come to a future version of Apple's smart speaker.
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