Sunday, November 12, 2017

The selfies of the iPhone X are so true to reality that they will scare you

The iPhone X is already in the hands of people, and with it, the super high resolution and incredible detail of its good front camera , which is used for selfies. So good, in fact, that some of the people who use it are slightly horrified.
The iPhone X comes with the new TrueDepth camera designed by Apple in the front, which shoots selfies using its 7 megapixel camera and uses an infrared camera to capture nuanced depth features on faces. It is amazingly better than any other front-facing mobile camera available.
But not everyone is so eager to see their faces with such incredible details .
It is true. Even in our Instagram-obsessed world that allows us to superimpose filters and colors on our real faces, the realities of imperfection can easily be hidden or ignored. Maybe the same can be done for high resolution iPhone X selfies , but the TrueDepth system still shows some dissatisfaction with the way we actually appear, at least for some people.
The TrueDepth camera system is really accurate, but that 's because it has to be that way . It is the same camera responsible for the facial scan recognition system of the iPhone X, the Face ID, which allows access to a user's phone at a glance. If the same camera system lacked precision, another person's face could unlock your phone although, Apple points out, there is still a one in a million chance that someone could unlock your phone with a similar face.
Apple calls the iPhone X the future of the iPhone , so it seems that we all have to get used to what we really see, or learn to use filters better, because Apple is not about to make the cameras worse just to calm our insecurities. There is, of course, the option to use the other camera of the iPhone X to take pictures. But this could be even more unpleasant . As Raymond Wong of Mashable points out, " for most people, the cameras on the iPhone X are better than a real camera ."
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