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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

They manage to run Windows 95 and SimCity 2000 on an iPhone X

Some users do really funny things, like running Windows 95 on an iPhone X.
Not only that, we can also see how it is feasible to play the legendary SimCity 2000game A very popular game in the 90s.
Curiosities we have also seen in the Apple Watch , where we saw the execution of the same operating system on a 42mm screen.

SimCity 2000 on an iPhone X with Windows 95

This has been possible thanks to "Hacking Jules" , a hacker who has shared his feat on his YouTube channel. In the video we can see how the operating system is fully functional, in addition to playing without problems to SimCity 2000.
Not only that, we verify that you can run other applications, such as Microsoft Word and make use of a virtual mouse thanks to the touch screen of the iPhone X. Yes, the screen is somewhat small for writing large texts.
Interestingly, in order to run Windows 95 and SimCity 2000, the hacker used an application that is available in the App Store, specifically it is Power DOS . This application has a cost of 1.09 euros and is available for iPhone and iPad.
In the Apple Watch we could also check how Windows 95 was placed on Apple devices, despite being a functional version, the reality is that it simply remained in a simple curiosity about the limitations of use.
To demonstrate that it is indeed a functional version, the hacker teaches us some Windows 95 functions, such as the mythical " Minesweeper " game A very characteristic game of this operating system at that time.
So if you're nostalgic that you want to revive one of the most popular games and operating systems of the 90s like Windows 95 and SimCity 2000 , now you can see it in a state-of-the-art computer like the iPhone X , where the contrast is really curious.

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