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Saturday, November 4, 2017

This curious app will make you adore the ears of the iPhone X

As you know by now, the new iPhone X has a superior frame for the FaceTime camera and 3D sensors of TrueDepth technology for facial recognition and Face ID software.
This top frame makes the iPhone X grow a kind of "ears" on the OLED screen in both corners of the terminal. Many users do not like this design at all, while others find it original and creative.
The first applications of the iOS 11 App Store have already begun to be updated to adapt to the iPhone X screen, and some developers have even ventured to take advantage of the terminal's features.

Halide will make you love the iPhone X ears

The team behind the application Halide has announced a new version of its app featuring specially designed for iPhone X elements . Version 1.5 has been described as a "great update".
The design of the user interface of the Halide application makes the most of all the novelties of the iPhone X. According to its developers, its design presented all kinds of challenges to the team.
The design of the app uses each pixel of the screen, including the small pixels that are included in the two upper corners , next to the front frame.
In each corner, Halide uses the ears of the iPhone X to show a histogram and the exposure values ​​of the photographs , since it is a camera application and photo editing.

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