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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This graph compares the manufacturing cost of the iPhone X with the rest of generations

The iPhone X with a price of € 1159 base in Spain , is one of the most expensive terminals that Apple has launched into the market since the first iPhone in history was presented by Steve Jobs. But is this price increase due to the fact that its parts cost more than the rest of the iPhone that we have seen? This question is solved thanks to an IHS Markit study that we show you below.

This is the evolution of the cost of the pieces of the different iPhone

We are aware that the iPhone has more and more premium elements as we have seen in the iPhone X that carries an OLED screen that would have a higher price than the LCD. All prices have been increasing as we have passed from one generation to another. And this has motivated IHS Markit to carry out a study comparing the cost of the pieces of the different generations of Cupertino terminals. From this study has emerged the following graph:
IPhone manufacturing cost evolution
As we see, the price of the parts of the iPhone X amounts to $ 370 , an estimate that does not include the cost of manufacturing, research and development, logistics or marketing. As we see, it is a very high cost compared to the rest of generations being also the most expensive Cupertino terminal that has been seen throughout history, being in second place the iPhone 8 Plus with a price of 295 dollars , where include, here if, manufacturing costs.
If we see the comparison from the first Cupertino terminal studied, until the last last model presented, we see a big difference in the cost of its parts. IHS has broken down into a table that we leave here , the price that each piece has separately being the OLED screen the most expensive having a price of 110 dollars , 86 dollars less than the pieces of all the iPhone 4s in global.
Although these data are only approximate, it is very interesting to value them and understand why Apple has been increasing the prices of its terminals. Do you think the increase in the price from generation to generation is justified?

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