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Thursday, November 23, 2017

This is how an original Netflix series is imitated with an iPhone X

YouTube channel has made a series based on an original short film Netflix nominated for Emmy Awards with an iPhone X .
In the video we can see how it is based on the series "Chef's Table" with a spectacular result. In order to reach that level, AMNESIART has needed several accessories to accompany the iPhone X.
Then we show you also the components that have been used, in addition to the video editing program for Mac .

Made in Paris

This is the title of the video inspired by the Netflix series. Note that they have not used any additional application to record with the iPhone X, simply the native application of the camera.
They point out that for very concrete plans where they needed something more advanced, they used the Filmic Pro application This application is in the App Store, where it offers us the possibility to select more specific properties.
The accessories can be easily found on the internet, prices range from 250 euros for the DJI mobile Osmo and 150 euros for the Gimbal Q Zhiyun. These accessories improve the stability of the image, giving very stable results and smooth movements.
For the macro images and main plans, they have used a lens designed by iPro Lens, although they insist that there is great variety in the market with different prices and characteristics.
For the final edition of the short film, they have used a MacBook Pro with Adobe Premiere CC software This editing software is quite popular in the professional sector, where it offers surprising results.
Apple has always boasted of the cameras that endowed in their iPhone, thanks to this, many advertising companies have been encouraged to make commercials, video clips or even movies.
You can see the original series Netflix to compare the results of this video that imitates "Chef's Table" recorded with an iPhone X .

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